I am Walter and this is my World.

I am Walter and this is my World.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hello all you loveable wonderful pee-po's! I am so sorry we have been out of communication. Lots of traveling and one book coming out while another is due has put blogging on the back burner. I am going to catch up with everyone's blogs now and respond, I shudder to think what I've missed!! I will attempt to load some photos here shortly, been having lots of trouble with uploading!


I feel like celebrating because he's HERE. He's inspired so many people, who can't believe his gut, determination and his love for life. He is still wearing the shoe one year later, and we still don't know if he will ever walk without it again, BUT, he's here and so are you and so, this my friends, is a good day.

May I take a moment to remind you all how much we've been through with this little one? (By WE I mean, YOU, who all have so lovingly been keeping track of our story!!!) Remember when we prayed and sent white healing light minute-by-minute, through each operation? And how I wept all the time, sure I could never make it through all this?

Now FLASH FORWARD to today! We moved to Key West, then the UK, all in search of a better life. This little guy has made me make changes in my life that were so good for me, and I made them solely b/c they were good for him! (Trickster) I've learned healing comes slow, and that it has to, or you would'nt have time to recognize the miracles. That there are more good people than bad, more love and concern in the world than darkness. Also, there is one hell of a group of people in the world called PUG PEOPLE. Bestest in the world.

Walter has helped so many people and so many people have helped him. The little bruiser has taken so many steps without his shoe...granted they are months apart and we're not sure if its nerve growth or dumb luck, but gosh darn it. He made it, I made it and you all came along with us for the ride.

We continue various forms of therapy and are always quick to try new things. Walter is not a candidate for nerve surgery at the current moment, but we have our lives down to a system now. Get up, baby powder between toesies, baby sock, new improved anklet (mom made it with velcro we got during our breakdown in Georgia!) and we're off and running! By 9pm we take shoe off, soak toesies in epsom salts/warm water than a quick massage and nighty-night.


So obviously I have to get this whole experience down on paper. If any of you want to contribute thoughts or observations, from the moment you learned of walter's accident to the ongoing saga to today, I would love to have your thoughts and try to include them in any manuscript I manage to put together. You can email me anything you want to at prettylittlemistakes a-t gmail. We love you all so much!!!!