I am Walter and this is my World.

I am Walter and this is my World.

Friday, July 31, 2009


To everybody who bought a book or is going to buy a book, thank you! This is the photo the Associated Press took of Walter and I for my latest book, "Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single" (by fabulous reporter Jeff Baenen, google him - his stories are awesome!)

Anyway, this photo has been around the world - Walter is so much a part of my writing career. I got him when I embarked on my author journey because I knew I would be alone alot - and I wanted a companion. Little did I know my life would start to orbit his - An easy mistake for a first-time pug owner!

Anyway, I am on deadline for the next book, (nice way to say behind) and the sales of JJISOBS and my first book, Pretty Little Mistakes, well honestly they are really helping. I am working on the straight donate button. it's tricky with the IRS and everything, and I don't have much time to figure new things out - its all I can do to keep the pee pads clean, so THANK YOU again for everyone who's supporting us. It really breaks my heart every minute of the day - in a good way.


heather (and WALTER!)

(Look at Walter in the Chinese newspaper!)


Walter went poop on his own TWICE yesterday. Squatted like a regular dog! I didn't think that was possible, and because he hasn't gone in so long they were Great Dane size! Still, anything he can do now that is similar to "before" is a miracle. I spoke to my neighbor who had jumped in the car with me the night of the accident and she confessed the vet had pulled her over that night and told her Walter was NOT going to make it. She hadn't wanted to tell me before...the vet told me it didn't look good but still let me have some hope, which was all I needed. Which is all any of us need.

Whatever you are going through, I hope you'll use the story of Walter as proof that amazing things can happen anywhere.

Scamper Land

Scamper Land is built! Walter loves it! The accident was three weeks ago TODAY and they said he wouldn't make the night - now Wally has SCAMPERLAND!

Fence me in!

Walters PT routine is gentle at first. I'm to buy one of these physio balls which he will rock back and forth on, gently, so the pads of his feet get used to touching the ground, and muscles build as he rocks (he is fully supported by human whilst doing this)

He also starts the water treadmill soon. weeeeeeeeee! Look at that little Doxie go!

Okay, today I need to build walter a new pen. 5'x5' is the largest area they want him in. NO scooting, nothing that could damage the screw. I looked online and saw lots of baby gates, pet fences...but they're all so ugly! I am thinking of making a picket fence pen. after all we'll need to look at it for months...shouldn't it be pretty?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

PT was great

We went to our Physical therapist and she was really lovely. Smart, calm, knowledgeable and she thought Walter was doing well, and could also do better. I will put a donate button up, Promise! you are all lovely people for wanting to help!! Now he's asleep whilst chomping pohlie Bear!!


I slept! Lovely, sweet sleep. Now we go to physical therapy today, and we're hoping it doesn't cost as much as multiple orthopedic surgeries. I have been reluctant to put up a "donate" button or anything, but if anyone wants to help out and is able, buying my books will help deflate our medical bills.

As you can imagine, Sir Walter with-shirt-and-socks is going to need a-lot-o cash to get his legs working properly. Water treadmills, nerve reconstruction, physical therapy at the hospital, means we are facing a very long comittment, and if you can help by buying a book or two,(or 20!!) we KISSES your face!

You can see the books on the sidebar here or see/buy them here. There are two titles available, "Pretty Little Mistakes," and "Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single."They're only about ten bucks and we really really appreciate it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have never known exhaustion like this. I have some post traumatic stress sleep thing going where I wake at the slightest noise. Nothing can knock me out. I woke up this morning for the hundredth time, gave walter meds, he wanted out of playpen/didnt want to be alone so I made a fort out of pee pads and furniture on the living room floor and slept with him till 11 am. I am still exhausted but then Walter stood to pee -on the living room floor, somehow managing to get the one small spot without a pee pad - and then he stood to drink water!

Walter can stand. Pins are holding. PINS ARE HOLDING!
Bones are healing.

Walter the pug = 3
Truck from hell = OUT OF LUCK!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This is a picture of walter having a long drink of water AFTER perfoming another miracle. The little shiny specks are drops of water as Walter laps up his filtered (of course!) H20.

Late last night, well after the whole butt-scooting event, Walter walked.


Not far, not easily, but he took four steps, where he was up on all four legs! He was favoring the right leg, which the surgeon thought he might due to possible nerve damage on the right foot, but there was no question - they were steps.

I woke him up for his medicines, he shot me a "why do you keep harassing me" look, he got up all wobbly, much like a newborn deer would when taking first steps, and wobbled his way to the other side of the playpen.

I was breathless. He flopped down and got comfortable like nothing happened. I called the physical therapist first thing this a.m. and they scheduled a "rush" appointment, because our little guy is moving faster than we are!

I need to find out whats the right amount of exercise for him, whats too much etc...I don't want to fence him in but I don't want anything to jostle that new screw until the scar tissue forms around it and holds it tight.

HE WALKED!!!!!!!!!! WALTER TOOK FOUR STEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walter the Pug = 2
Truck from hell= 0!

(NOTE: Changing the slogan from "SUV from hell" to "Truck from hell" for all our friends from other countries. I don't know if you call a truck an SUV in Australia...it means Sports Utility Vehicle here which just means it's just an enclosed-cab truck

ALSO, Sarah the driver, if you're reading this, the "from hell" part is just for fun. The truck was from hell, but you are not!!! You have been very thoughtful and I hope you're feeling better. It just gives us something to celebrate when we say "from hell" so hope thats okay.)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Upwardly Mobile??

OMG. Freaking out/happy/worried/mostly happy.....

Here's what happened. I had left walter on his "play mat" ( as pictured above) which is just some big blankets on the floor for him to stretch on, sleep in front of the fan etc... it gives him a break from his playpen and lets us change the bedding thoroughly.

I often put Walter on his play Mat, then run to the kitchen to get him a treat, water, whatever and when I come back he's right where I left him - Lots of time sound asleep.

Tonight though? Something unbelievable happened.

I put Walter on play Mat, and then halfway to kitchen stopped to talk to my mom. A friend of hers had also stopped by, so the three of us were exchanging updates etc... when all of a sudden, my moms friend says, "Well Hello Walter."

I look down...and Walter is right there at my foot. He has scooted himself all the way from the sunporch to the front hall on his front paws. He had to cross the entire living room on his own to get there! This is a dog that has not moved much more than to shift himself, and he just freaking traversed half the house because he wanted to be where the action was! It is the length of a schoolbus at least! (sorry, not good with math or measurements and rely on metaphor)

Okay, true - he didn't walk, he dragged himself like a little orangutan with front paws slightly turned inward for better traction, but we think, we think maybe he was using those back legs just a little to push himself and that tail was WAGGING. definitely certain the second surgery improved him. SOUND THE MIRACLE BELLS! Three days ago we didn't know if he'd make it thru a second surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my munchkin is cruising around! We all had heart attacks! I was terrified he]d hurt himself, hurt his stitches, but No! not a scratch on him and no yelps or panting- just more tail wagging. I scooped him up and rushed him back to the play mat, where he seemed quite satisfied with himself and ate an entire hamburger. Oh Walter. We love you so darn much.

Tomorrow moms got a big day working, I'm on my own again, but this has given me a huge surge of energy/optimism. Thank you for your prayers everybody. Tomorrow I speak with the physical therapist and I'll give you an update.


Third Day after (2nd) Surgery

Walter's stitches look yucky, but actually they're doing very good. This is his second surgery on this side, the incision is much bigger, buy they used sutures instead of staples, which I think are more comfortable for him.

Also, his poor little balls had gotten run over and were very BIG and swollen before. We iced them continually (1o mins on 15 mins off) until they became regular size. I never knew I would be a pug ball-icing expert, but I am and even developed a sort of ball-icing device from a balloon and a bag of frozen peas. The vet says the swelling is down and the abrasions are all better there.

I wonder how long his coat will take to grow in? One thing is for sure, we cannot spend the winter in Minnesota. we have to move for the winter. All the hardware in his leg, plus limited (if we're lucky!) movement plus NO HAIR does not work with icy streets. so - any warm pug communities out there?

Me and Walter when he was a behbeh

This was one of wallys first pictures after he moved in with me. About June 2007. I had no idea what life with Walter would be like in this picture. How much I'd love him, How demanding he'd be, how okay with his demands I would become.

I had no idea in this picture that a year and a half later he'd be run over. If I'd known then what I know now, I prolly would have been too scared to take him on.

Maybe thats what life is filled with "surprises." We underestimate our strength, our abilities to cope and the miracles that will accompany the challenges...so we would never willingly walk thru these troubled doors...only beyond the trouble is something else. Something we need. I'm not sure what that is yet, but I'll keep you posted. ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A little sunshine

Walter got a dappled sunbath today. Note the laundry basket in the corner, thats how we transport him around, there's a pillow, and blankets and pee pads inside.

The blue syringe is actually his preferred way to get water. We fill it with drinking water and let him lick it as he wants it. Sometimes he uses a bowl. This picture above is of him barking at the neighbor dog...a sound I like to hear. I like to know he still has sassafras.

He is still reluctant to use back legs. he uses front legs to drag himself around, which is hard to watch, I want to help him, but think part of the outdoor outing is to get him to strengthen his muscles.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I didn't have my phone/camera with me today so no new picture of Walter, but I will get some for tomorrow. I have to say, even though he is sore, Walter looks better to me. His body holds together better. He shifts himself more easily and no yelping

Also, he wagged his tail today...not seen that since the accident. He is sleeping comfortably and I am taking the day to rest with him. He ate THREE hamburger patties and drank lots of water since he's been home. His sutures look black and ugly, but not as awful as the metal staples. All in all, I'd say he looks better than could be expected.

We were wondering what we could do to celebrate, considering we won't leave his side for more than an hour and a half. Maybe we will just walk around the lake. That will be nice. Mom will watch him while we go, I will have my phone on and in my hand...it might even be relaxing. Oh how Walter and I used to relax! I can't wait to return to "Belly Time" Which is when we lay belly-to-belly in the morning and snorkle-kiss.

Soon. Soon!

Friday, July 24, 2009

We Can Rebuild Him...

Walter made it through surgery with flying colors! The surgeon called Walter "one tough little cookie." He decided to use a super-big screw in Walters leg this time, as the last one, the typical one used for pugs, didn't' hold, all the bones slipped out (yuck, twisting in my seat, ouchie....) he hopes THIS one, the "tough Cookie" size does hold.
it WILL!

The screw will hold!
The screw will hold!

That said, we have a loooooooong road ahead of us with physical therapy and whether or not he walks again, well who cares as long as they're making dog wheelchairs with flames on the side?

The important thing is he survived. He lived.

Oddly, our neighbors had an estate sale today, they both moved to assisted living and have no need for...well anything anymore. nice clothing, memory foam mattresses, sculptures, designer couches, China, silver tea services, every stick of furniture, its all for sale. I wandered thru while waiting for vet to call and I was struck with a) how nice all their belongings were, and b) how absolutely none of it mattered in the end.

Nothing in our lives matters - unless it has a beating heart. The rest is landfill.

Love to you all.



After Walter's surgery, when the bone was corrected, the vet tech said he POOPED THREE DAYS WORTH OF POOP!!!!


What kind of cocktail does one serve at a poop party? oh boy. Forget I asked. Champagne!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting ready

I snuck this picture of Walter after he fell asleep. My mom is watching him tonight, so I get a full 8 hours sleep, so I can handle tomorrow. THANKS MOM!!!!!!! Walter loves my mom and she is so good at handling him. He'll get a good nights rest for his big day tomorrow.


Walter is checked into hospital. The intake nurse was very smart, very alert, listed to us and asked good questions. Everyone commented on how good he looks. He will be discharged from the hospital at 7pm tonight, either to come home or to go to 24/7 care hospital (the place he's at closes at 7pm) depending on the care he needs.

Another surgery tomorrow

There's been a development.

The shifted bone discovered yesterday is worrying the orthopedic surgeon. He wants to inspect Walter and if needed, do another surgery tomorrow. The miracle is if we hadn't done an impromptu X-ray yesterday, we might not of caught it until it was too late to fix.

So lets decide it's a miracle.

tomorrow at 7 a.m. Central Standard Walter has another surgery. Lets pray for Dr. Hamline, who we need to have staeady hands.

hang in there everybody. I will post surgery results ASAP. Walter btw is looking great today. He had Salmon last night for dinner and today he's sleeping comfortably. He'll need all the rest he can get.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pity Party - Fell apart at Vets today

The accident was July 10th and Walter still hasn't pooped, so we went to vets to get him X-rayed and see whats up.

It looks like one of his fractured bones has shifted and is putting pressure on his digestive system. (his pelvis looks like a jigsaw puzzle, I will try to post X-rays) So now I'm praying "bone shift back, bone shift back..."

Anyway, when I heard the shifting bone thing I just lost it. Big tears. Luckily my mom was with me and took over from there...I didn't want to upset walter so ran to bathroom and sobbed in stall. I don't know why...the news wasn't nearly as awful as other news has been but I've just sort of come to the end of my rope with this trauma.

Am I strong enough to do this? Can I go on for months and months like this? Can I get my work done? and my job is easy compared to Walters. He's the one in pain, being poked and prodded, Xrayed and messed around with. He's the one who can't sleep through the night. (Neither can I but mine is anxiety, his is pain so his is worse)

My mom assures me miracles come when they're needed, so I am here on this corner of life, waiting for Walter's bone shifting back miracle and by God, I know it's going to come.

I just want to thank everyone who writes, it has been perhaps one of the biggest sources of comfort for me. Walter thanks you too. He loves being read your posts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Driver

The above is another tribute to health picture from a while ago. Smoking is not healthy but in this case it is cause Walter had just jumped up on the couch to chew on his cigar.

Some of you may have already seen this below - the woman who hit Walter actually made a comment on my last post. I thought I should re-post it because I think she's being really brave by stepping up and communicating with me. She's already stopped by and left a message asking me if I'd want to do a fund raiser for Walter, which for whatever reason, out of gratitude or exhaustion made me weep.

It is really mind-bending to practice forgiveness here, especially because its possibly this woman, Sarah, who ultimately has to forgive us for injecting ourselves like this into her life. She was doing nothing wrong. Just driving. Her car is big and Walter is small and definitely ran right into her.

So now I have to go from cursing the "damn car and damn driver who did this to my beloved dog" and wishing they didn't exist to realizing she didn't do anything to us, we did it to her. I think this is called growing up or maturity or something...and I am hoping to benefit from it down the line, because right now it just feels weird to think kindly of the woman who ran Walter down...and yet I am.


thank you for calling me back and giving me the update about Walter. my life is changed, but you and Walter are the ones who are going thru so much. I keep re-living the accident in my mind. Why didn't i stay at work instead of going home for a break? I so much wish it would have been different. I still don't know what it is I am to do for him, but i hope it will come to me soon. maybe you have some thoughts. for now, my prayers are constant for his healing, and i send positive thoughts to both of you. sarah

Monday, July 20, 2009

pretty nurses make everything OK.

Walter LOVED the vet. I went to get him at seven and he looked great. happy to see me but not too happy, like when dogs hated where they just were and you're saving them. He just looked like had a good day. He was all clean, already taken his PM meds and he seemed quite fine with the loving adoration he was receiving from all the pretty young nurses. Go Wally!

He moved himself around in his playpen today! I have been having to pick him up and re-arrange him every time he wanted to shift, but today he flipped himself! YES!

I had a lovely meeting (lunch meeting) and I had a BEER! First beer, or social beverage of any kind in weeks and weeks. It felt like we were Las Vegas.

I felt much better after I picked Walter up and am looking into the possibility of dropping him off now and again so I can work. I think as he improves he won't need such constant care, so it would be temporary. It's nice to know I have the option.

Now everyone take a moment please if you can and picture Walter like this!

Blue Blankie

I think alot of my pictures are going to look similar, but that's fine by me. thanks to everyone for the pep talks. Needed it. I have a huge day today and tomorrow so for the next 6 hours Walter is at his Vets where they will watch him. Just having 6 hours off from worrying and fretting over him feels like Christmas. I feel horribly guilty too, but he'll come home at seven tonight and hopefully I can keep my world up and running!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I don't have any new pics of walter in his playpen, so thought I'd post a pre-accident picture. this was taken just two weeks ago (I just got tears in my eyes...) when we were up at the lake. He is such a good rock climber. so powerful and loves nature. I PRAY he will be able to climb this same rock next year, please send us good wishes and prayers that his little bones will heal. There is still minimal movement in his legs, I try to visualize him running and jumping again, not confined to a bed.

The vet visit went well. He got a new pain patch, the nurse commented on how much better he looked, the doctor checked him and said it's the pain patch slowing down his bowels, and to be patient and give him organic mashed pumpkin. So we came home and took a long exhausted nap. I am just so grateful he's alive. Every time I feel forlorn or tired or angry, I just remember it's a miracle he's even here.

Please kiss all your pugs for us, and kiss their tiny ankles which work and keep them safe. and PLEASE please keep them on leashes, and nobody open the door like I did. Install fences, baby gates etc...nothing is worth going through what we're going through. I always meant to put a fence in the front yard and now I would give anything to go back in time...

so please all you wonderful pug owners, trust your instincts, listen to your fears and do that one thing you've been meaning to do TODAY. They are worth any effort, all money. xoxoxoxo

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sitting up for the first time!

Walter propped himself today in his playpen. He sat that way for moments so I caught the moment on film...Keep in mind, this little guy was run over by an SUV last Friday. I think we can be pretty sure miracles are at work here. 6 days ago he was not meant to live...and now, he's sitting up and smiling.

Notes for today:
July 17 2009

changed bedding twice overnight, 2 am and 4 am. ssems to be peeing a lot these days, but I thin its good for the system. Just have to keep him clean.
6:00 am administered all meds plus one whole tramadol. He didn’t eat as much chicken
9 am he peed in bed - cleaned up bedding re situated him, Iced both hips.
Noon – gave him metacam and one whole tramadol fed ½ chicken breast – still seems a little low and gave one syringe of pumpkin for digestion. MUST ADD VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS
2:00 took him outside. Peed outside, but on blanket. Still think it counts. Not so good pain wise. Has been worse but has been better. Doesn’t seem to want me to touch him back legs at all.
2:40 sound asleep
3:00 ate a half chicken breast with a bit of butter
(mom came to watch him @ 3:30 I had a conference call I could not resked – and its a good thing she came, he needed lots of care here)
5:00 went out backyard but no pee/poop
6:00 pm all meds
7:00 tried tramadol – spit out
7:30 2nd syringe of pumpkin ice hips PANTING=means he needs to shift position
8:00 iced hips, moved him to dog bed to redo crib bedding. he likes sleeping in dog bed but cannot shift around so limited time. L came over to help.
9:00 he really wants to reshift his hips a lot now, must be part of healing. the screws/pins in his hips much hurt like hell. gave him more meta cam and iced hips. L. and I are going to sleep in shifts tonight. vet in the morning.

Day Three of Recovery

Walter update:

Day three of him being home and we're working our way into a routine. Urination is the main challenge, either struggling to get him outside, which the doctor recommends, or struggling to get his bed linens changed when he wets his bed.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good urine clean up product? For fabric and then also for walter himself? we are using a product called puppy wipes to wipe his area clean, but I worry because its for puppies its too gentle, we may need something stronger, just so he doesnt get urine burns. Also, after I wash his linens they smell clean, but should I be using an enzyme product to make them smell clean to him?

Our schedule is still pretty rough, I have to get up around 3x a night to clean bedding, administer ice packs etc...which makes me groggy and clumsy, something I strive not to be around my beautiful injured boy.

The good news is tomorrow he goes to the vet for his first check up, and right now any milestone is welcome. He also gets a new pain patch. HOORAY! I am all about pain patches and would like to slap a couple on myself right now. Also Walter seems to sleep for longer stretches and more comfortably. He still has restless periods and yelps every so often - not often once or twice a day only, when something hurts him.

He likes clean towels, classical music and chicken. he has eaten almost 3 whole chicken breasts since he's been home, which is great for his energy. Please keep us in your daily prayers, we still have a long way to go and I pray right now for his pain relief mostly - and of course that he will walk again.

Thank you everybody - I continue to read all blog posts and notes to walter. Knowing there are so many of you rooting for us gives us strength to go on.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Peas Please

Frozen peas are wonderful cold packs. they mold to the body and they're not so cold they'll burn the skin. See how much I'm learning?

Walter made it through his first night home and it was a challenge. I will post my notes below. The owner of the SUV that hit him stopped by today, and the car might be from hell but the lady was lovely and I am truly sorry for causing all this pain in her life. After all, she wasn't doing anything wrong. Cars belong on the road, pugs do not. Somehow we will all pick up the pieces from this complicated event and we will go forward. I just wish...oh I wish so many things I'm just going to take life as it is right now.

my notes from last night:

July 15, 2009

10:00pm Arrived home
10:30 1 whole Tramadol pain tablet
10:45 asleep soundly, no heavy breathing
10:53 – 11:03 apply frozen peas to right hip while sleeping. He woke slightly, did not seem to mind pressure. Applied for 10 minutes to other side
11:00 went outside to pee. I was terrible at it, hurt him picking him up. Must come up with better pick up procedure. Need his legs to work!
11:30 He ate half a cooked chicken breast
12:00 He slept but uncomfortably, panting.
12:31 woke up whimpering. I gave does of metacam for pain and
Fed him water thru syringe since he cant get good angle on bowl
1:10 He is now sleeping soundly (seems the walk outside really riled his hips up)
1:30am seemed agitated, asked him if he wanted to go potty, he seemed to say yes, we went, a bit easier, he peed but no poop
1:50 Sound asleep
2:35am still sleeping soundly
4:00 I woke up to slight whimpering went out and changed sheets, bedding damp, gave water, applied frozen peas, seemed to make him feel better.

July 16, 2009
6:00 am took outside but he had already peed in his bed. gave antibiotic, metacam, Tried to give tramadol but he spit it out.
6:15 He ate ¾ chicken breast!
6:30 iced left hip 10 mins he seems comfortable. I wonder how he will poop.
7:30 he peed in his bed again, changed sheets.
7:45 got a tramadol in him by stuffing into chicken and putting dab of butter. He ate almost whole rest of chicken, which means he’s eaten almost two chicken breasts since he’s been home. He has to poop by 8 tonight…so I must take him out. When? How about upon next rising. I am just cat napping with him.
Wish I hadn’t missed his peeing – but he seems to be going a lot. He doesn’t want to drink from bowl, he drinks from large non-needle plastic syringe. Could measure water if I wasn’t so exhausted. Had dream I was in car with walter on high road and we went off cliff into water below, woke before we hit.
9:00 – walter whining, Tried to take him outside. Disaster. I feel Im hurting him. He doesn’t seem to have any tension in legs at all. It like trying to manipulate a greased bowling ball, I keep slipping and hitting his staples. Nightmare. He’s sleeping now. How will he poop?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pug =1 SUV =0!

Dear wonderful pug people everywhere, because of your big time love and support my boy is home at last. He took on a big black SUV from hell and he WON! 4 days of intensive care, 5 hours of surgery and one smitten nursing staff later, Here he is! More handsome than ever! He has pain killers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to ease him through but he is a tough little man!

Walter the pug = 1
SUV from Hell = 0

Big Man home in one hour

Big Man Walter is coming home in ONE HOUR I am am so nervous. (Pic above is from last summer, isn't he handsome?) The pic below is the setup I have for walter, it's a playpen and has a mesh top that can go on, to prevent him standing up. I'm worried about the water bowl tipping. Do you guys think a kennel would be better? I thought this might make him feel open-airy and one of the family. what do you guys think?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009



There was 4 hours of orthopedic surgery today and Walter made it through! He has two screws and two pins in his hips thanks to the skillful Dr. Hamline of the LeVine Orthopedic group.

This is a picture of Walter just before he went into surgery. He has two IV's in his forepaw and that shaved area with a clear sticker thing is a "Pain Patch" a device that seeps painkillers right through his skin. The nurses were so good to him - The nurses call him "Handsome Walty." THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS EVERYONE!

NOW the big hurdle is Walter must fight off all the pain he's in - which is considerable and then he needs EIGHT weeks of bedrest. Anyone have any ideas how to keep a pug in his playpen for 8 weeks?

Please continue praying for us and Walter's pain management. We really need your love and good thoughts. xoxoxoxo

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hi everybody, I'm taking a second to write you a quick update on Walter. On Friday he was hit by an SUV. I had opened the front door and he scooted out between my legs headed for the street. I took off after him, I was only inches away but he was just out of my grasp. I was shouting and thought we averted disaster when the first car stopped in time, but the second car, the SUV, didn't.

The blessings, and there are many is that she only hit him once. I was barefoot, but scooped him up off the street and got into my car right then. My neighbor who had seen everything was on my heels with my car keys and with walter heaving in the passenger seat, we sped to golden valley emergency on Hwy 55. we tried to anyway. The Basillica block party had blocked off all the entrances to hwy 55 that I know of, so I put the car in reverse and went the wrong way down Hennepin for the equivalent of ten blocks. Then I got to Hwy 55 and blew through every red light.

The first night was the darkest nightmare of my life. The vet told me he was in critical condition and had no idea is he would make it. About a dozen people showed up and we all wept/prayed/paced for two hours while they tried to stabilize him - which they ultimately did by putting him in an oxygen tent/morphine drip/etc... They told me I could go home but I would not, so barefooted I waited for the first blood tests to be drawn.

Blessedly, unbelievably, he started to turn in the right direction. Each test was a tiny bit better than the last. X-rays showed while he does have a fractured pelvis, he did not pierce and vital organs. His heart/lungs/bladder were all intact. This proved to be a miracle.

Walter has been moved from Golden Valley to a 24/7 care hospital and now we are waiting for the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Levine to decide when to operate on his crushed pelvis. If any of you have experience with any of this or pug-specific advice, i would be most grateful. Also, anyone that has time to send Walter their love/prayers/good wishes, those to are in critical demand. So many people have been praying for him I am sure it is helping and my poor strong boy needs all the help you can spare. Thank you in advance for your love.