I am Walter and this is my World.

I am Walter and this is my World.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Walter is WALKING! Is it a Miracle?

PUG PEOPLE! something unbelievabe has happened....As many of you know, My pug walter, was hit by a car in 2009. He lived, but lost the use of his rear passenger leg. They said he'd never walk right again - so I built him a shoe, which he's worn all these years and helps him get around. He c...an't really walk without it. So year one was awful, and year two got a bit better and year three and four we hit a stride (pun) and year five I don't even notice the shoe. we just get up in the morning - put on the shoe and Go!

The WEIRD thing is for the last two weeks he's been furiously licking that bad foot, like its bothering him. .... THEN, three days ago I noticed he was walking on his foot.... without the shoe! Like, holding his foot normally! YESTERDAY for the first time ever we went around the entire block... with NO SHOE! I watched him carefully the whole time... and he didnt knuckle once!

I think... I think maybe his foot was tingling, as sensation was coming back and thats why he was licking his foot? I don't know if this progress is permanent.... I'm holding my breath. Is it possible, after 5 years of being crippled, his nerves have regrown? Is this happening? Can Walter really walk again???