I am Walter and this is my World.

I am Walter and this is my World.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

much better pug

 UPDATE: Smudge is doing much better. A food allergy was the most likely cause, they're monitoring her and  she's doing much MUCH better. Thank you for all the great SMART suggestions!! XOXOXOXO

You guys, medical advice is needed for my friend who has an elderly pug she rescued from a mill. "Smudge." My friend is going to her regular vet in the morning, but if this reminds you of anything, or you have any ideas what she should ask the vet to look for/check/test, please let me know. I don't think a sudden change in behavior is indicative of weight trouble. I also don't think now is necessarily the time to change her diet...
  xoxoxoxoxo H =

Here's what she posted:

So Smudge and I have been at the emergency vet for 3 hours. She is acting lethargic and not her usual...She kind of cowers from me at first. and won't use the stairs. The emergency vet checked her paws, hips, legs, neck for pain and said she didn't have any discomfort. Smudge weighs 20 lbs and this broad said she should weigh 14lbs! I almost s...wallowed my own tongue when she said that.
She started a new diet today so we'll see if dropping a few lbs helps her breathing. But it really doesn't address the rest of her odd behavior which started on Friday.

She ate today I fed her a 1/3 of a cup instead of a half. She won't go outside to pee. It's like while I was at work on Friday she suffered something traumatic that has her all out of sorts. She still hasn't used the stairs to get to the second floor though emergency vet checked her paws legs hips etc and said sometimes if a dog has a stiff neck they don't want to go down stairs head first which was about the only thing she said that made sense.

I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of the palette surgery but this woman was so clinical and unfeeling. Plus 20 lbs doesn't seem "MORBIDLY OBESE" I know she's a barrel but I give her diet food in measured doses and no people food and walk her everyday so wtf??

I realize when it's hot smudge gets less exercize than usual.
I'm watching her like a hawk from the corner of my eye so she won't feel observed. She's eating, drinking, peed on her pad etc it seems behavioral. But won't go outside on her own.
My god I wish she would just tell me what is wrong. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pug in a Yurt

We are off to Chicago again for a reading at Columbia. Before the big trip (driving) Wally and I got some heavenly rest in our new Writing Yurt. Now, I am patently opposed to becoming a hippie (as per walters request) BUT a Yurt, which is not a "yacht on dirt" as my ever-posh brother guessed,  but a fancy tent with hardwood floors -  is a very wonderful thing. In this photo it looks a bit like a wedding tent prison with the gate...but its more of a vaulted circular room, and that crossed wood gate is the wall. There's screen behind it and canvas flaps that drop down outside for bad weather. Anyway, Walter really liked the Yurt and snored away as I wrote and finished making his NEW super streamlined and utterly AWESOME new Otter Pelt shoe.  It makes the old one look like a meatball. pics soon!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Breaking News

 Okay Indy Bloggers. Now it's serious. I need to know where you will be and when. Is there a schedule? How best to fit a reading in? Anyone know any cool local booksellers who'd bring books to the event? (Independents are easier to work with) also, anyone happen to know/or are able to contact members of the press? Something like: WORLDS MOST GRATEFUL PUG MOM COMES TO INDY or WALLY COMES HOME!

Monday, September 6, 2010

We got to meet Peta and Gen (but not the Foo!)

Okay, nobody told me someone might bring a pug to my reading...if thats possible then maybe this reading thing isn't so awful after all. I mean, who else was there to greet us at the reading in Chicago but Peta and Gen the pug? I was so psyched/relived/happy!!!!

Heres the only pic I was able to snap of my one and only and FIRST Pug attendee.

Oh I was sooo happy! So when I read Harry Pugalicious's comment that I should come to Indy, where we basically have a big old fat pug-rampant reading, I thought YES!!!

So I'm working on it. Whaddya think Indy bloggers? Would you be up for me coming in early october? Are you ready to meet walter? To see my lip quiver, tremble and then the torrent of grateful tears when I break down thanking you all?

Where could we even h'ave a reading that would allow dogs? Actually, doesn't have to be a vookstore...could be a petstore/coffee shop/wine bar etc thats cool with dogs in the store! Any ideas?