I am Walter and this is my World.

I am Walter and this is my World.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winter's Coming...Let's Keep the wee Beloveds Warm!

Hey guys, We're headed to Key West again this winter...it's so good for Wally's foot and for Mama's psyche!

 This is a picture of Walter in a Kentuckiana Pug Rescue scarf, they sent it to him along with a care package filled with amazing, lovely things when he was hit last year.  (He is opening that very package in the picture. Nom Nom Nom!) I really don't know what we would have done without KPR's ongoing support, love and concern. It's an amazing group of folks with families and jobs, who help pugs in multiple states in the Midwest.

They've been hit themselves recently, with a big wave of incoming pugs who need HELP, like little Lazarus here, who was found half-dead by animal control and brought to KPR. This picture might make you sad, but it shouldn't! Lazarus us alive and recovering because of  the warm hearts at  Kentuckia Pug Rescue.

In fact, Kentuckiana Pug Rescue has had so many new arrivals, they just announced they'll have to close their doors temporarily until they get more funds for medical treatment and foster home care.


Kentuckiana Pug Rescue were there for us - Now, Walter and I want to be there for them. I'm sending them all the nickles and dimes I can find,  and a bunch of signed books they can use for fundraising.  I want our 11th hour angels to have their doors wide open and stay in flight!

Many of us would take care of additional pugs if we could, but time and obligations prevent us. We rely on pug rescues to be 11th hour angels, and so they are, but even angels get tired. We owe it to the small beloveds, we owe it to the rescue groups, we owe it to ourselves to keep these doors open. We need rescue groups. We need our angels. If you can send them any nickles and dimes, please do. Every little bit helps.

Lets use the community's pug power to get 'em up and running again!  Walter and I will never forget their good works and we say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue • PO Box 22697 • Louisville, KY 40252-0697 
 • 877-784-7988

Friday, October 1, 2010

Love ya Indy!

We tried SO HARD to come to the Indianapolis Pug Meet up. Man! It was close, and then due to all this travelling I'm doing for the book tour, I got walloped by a bug. No way could I come, not just because I couldn't make the drive, but I couldn't bear it if anybody caught this thing!! Maybe it's the last time I'll get sick this winter! Bah-hahahahaha!!! Anyway, we love you guys and we're thinking of you!!!!