I am Walter and this is my World.

I am Walter and this is my World.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sprained Ankle?!?!?!?

Walter and I stayed up all night. He couldn't get comfortable and he was limping badly, favoring his right rear leg. He kept getting off the bed and looked for a semi-private place to lay down so I built him a fort. I fashioned it after a dogs den...but with a wicker basket and my heated lavender scented eye pillow. I put his water bowl right next to him so he wouldn't have to walk far for water.

That at least made him somewhat comfy...The above pic is while we're waiting for the vet's to open. His expression is one of worry and uncertainty of my ability to fix the situation. (The below pic is after we came home.) The vet said it wasn't his luxating patella, and he couldn't find any tear or wound in the feet, and there was no fracture or broken bones...so that left a sprain that could have happened "anywhere."

How on earth does a pug who's waited on hand and foot all day sprain his ankle? Doc thought maybe when we were out walking. That reminded me of the evil grate near our house! It's a sewer grate that is almost imperceptible to the eye when covered with snow. I wonder if wally twisted his ankle there. I got anti-inflammatory's and pain killers for Walter, so he's finally able to sleep, as shown below.

A word of caution for all dog owners: the doc told me if your pet is limping, something is wrong and your pet absolutely needs a trip to the vet. Limping is a sign of pain and there's no cause for any dog to be in pain. The meds were cheap, the Tramadol (pain killers) was $13.00 and the Rimadyl (anti-inflammatory) was also $13.00. Also, most vets, like mine, offer payment options (pay over time) so don't fear the vet bill!

I wish Walter could tell me what the hell happened. If it wasn't the evil grate, What did he do? Roll off the couch while sunbathing? wrench a paw while batting his cat toys around the house? I feel like installing security cameras all over the house so I can keep more careful track of him.

Wally is now on the mend!

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