I am Walter and this is my World.

I am Walter and this is my World.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shameless Pug Plug

My friend, who's about to publish her book, asked me how I got booksellers to "remember" my first book, (Pretty Little Mistakes) and I had a terrible confession to make. I told her I used Walter. I would go into bookstores with my adorable pug in his stroller and wowowowowow, boy howdy did everybody remember me! And not for my crappy book, but for my fabulous pug! Go Wally! Helping mama bring home the rent money!!


kim said...

I've added Walter to my blogroll -- too cute.

I love your link sections too -- pug bowling -- ha!

JenKneeBee said...

i love your site! walter's adorable and you're hilarious :)

Walter the Pug said...

I never knew I could love a bat-faced womabat so much. Ah, the mysteries of love. I'll check out your site!