I am Walter and this is my World.

I am Walter and this is my World.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Balancing Act

Walter and I went to TC rehab today, where things got spiced up with some new acts to the routine. He did nine minutes in the water tank, two minutes on the trampoline and then he stood on the big ball (stimulates nerve growth in back leg) and then rolled back and forth on another, smaller ball while his back legs were on a red disk that had red "nipples" on it. The nipples are quite hard and the points also stimulate nerve growth, like kindergartner acupuncture! Dr. Tomlinson says water's making definite improvement. The whole staff there is really excellent and engaged. I spoke with another dog owner who takes her rescued Min Pin there and she said "Dr. Julia is a miracle worker." (Dr. Julia is the same person as Dr. Tomlinson btw!)

I just have to be patient. Slow and steady will win this race. I think thats been the challenge from the beginning, fighting the desperate urge to make "all this all better" right NOW. From the moment he was hit to today at the tank, I fight my anxiety to right the wrong as fast as I can. I think one of the life lessons here (did I need more?) is that life unfolds. We want to be finished fast, to get all the changes over with, but things take time. It reminds me of one of my favorite poems:

The Purpose of Time is to Prevent Everything from Happening at Once

by X.J. Kennedy, from The Lords of Misrule.

Suppose your life a folded telescope
Durationless, collapsed in just a flash
As from your mother’s womb you, bawling, drop
Into a nursing home. Suppose you crash
Your car, your marriage—toddler laying waste
A field of daisies, schoolkid, zit-faced teen
With lover zipping up your pants in haste
Hearing your parents’ tread downstairs—all one.

Einstein was right. That would be too intense.
You need a chance to preen, to give a dull
Recital before an indifferent audience
Equally slow in jeering you and clapping.
Time takes its time unraveling. But, still,
You’ll wonder when your life ends: Huh? What happened?


C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Oh Walter is just adorable and he is making such wonderful progress - we are so proud of him!! Horray for wonderful doctors and physio!
Sending lots of hugs and kisses your way. Thanks for sharing your videos!

Pug Posse said...

Walter looks so great! It's really good to be able to see him in action...thank you for posting the videos! Keep up the good work and give Walter some big smooches for us :-)

Pug hugs and kisses,
The Pug Posse

Pearl said...

I love that poem, Heather. So true, really! We are a society of instant gratification... and NONE of the best things come instantly: love, trust, growth, healing, etc.

Wally looked awesome in the videos! I wonder if being so close to his progression makes it harder to see just how fabulous he looks. I am so encouraged by his steady improvement, even if we'd love to make it all better NOW!!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Walter is making such good progress! We know you want him fixed right now, but it's all about baby steps (or puggie steps). You're doing a great job!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

Hi Heather!
oh what a beautiful post! you are so right!
and walter is a superpug!

Stubby said...

Hi Heather & Walter! Walter is a rock star! He just keeps going and going like a real trooper.

I agree with Pearl that maybe your closeness to the situation makes it harder to see how great Walter is doing. He is making such progress and will keep getting stronger every day.

Stubby xoxo

P.S. The poem made Mom cry because it is so true.

dw said...

My philosophy of life is that the journey is the destination. We plan, we want, we need NOW! Yet getting there, the daily grind, the friends made along the way at sometimes the most difficult times, the chance encounters, the detours and roadblocks all leave their mark on us. And those marks are what make us. So even though we would like to get through some things quickly (I can totally understand how you -- and everyone else here! -- would like Walter to be whole right away, as quick as possible) there are things along the way of even the difficult times that enrich our lives and make us who we are!

Go Walter!!

Yoda and Brutus said...

Slow & steady win the race. Walter is a Super Pug and it is amazing to think of how far he has come in such a short time.

Thanks for sharing your videos of Walter and his PT :)

Yoda & Brutus

Heather and Walter said...

Thanks for the encouragement everybody! Just wanted to say, I continue to be unable to comment on tweedles or the Great Rock eaters blog. Grrr! I type in a comment, it asks for my ID, I select Google, hit enter and poof. Comment gone and no sign it went anywhere except the garbage.

The Great Rock Eater said...

I'm sorry you can't comment on my page!!! I have changed it so it shouldn't ask for your id any more. Hopefully it works for you now.

On a happier note, we are so happy to see how far Walter has come. He and you are an inspiration. We look forward to his continued improvment.

Lilo & Jess

Anonymous said...

Walter is doing so well! Thanks for taping it so we could all see.
Slow and steady will win the race and so far we are in shock at how quickly Walter is progressing! My whole family and friends know all about Walter and ask how he is doing. You have many cheerleaders here in Vancouver, BC. Keep going Walter!

Heather, keep your head up! You are doing great!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

I am so happy that Walter is showing all of us his courage.
He is courageous and very brave.

I don't understands why you can't leave me a message,,sniff, sniff,
I will ask Pearl maybe she knows.
I took away the ID thing months ago.
That is sad, but thank you for trying.

Dutch said...

Walter you have come so far! It is really neat to see your pug therapy...keep it up!

agent99 said...

Althought it breaks mom's heart to see Wally struggling so hard to make his right paw work, I gotta say, he's one fierce pug. Pug v. Escalade roughly equals human v.18-wheeler; he's made SO much progress. Seriously, Mom's bro met with a 2-ton guirder dropped from a crane and suffered a very similar injury (open book pelvic fracture.) He's mostly OK now, but he did not make it home for 6months. Each time we watch a video, it's easy to see that Wally's getting better. You are doing a great job, even if it is hard to see right now. GO WALLY!

BRUTUS said...

Great post. I think even the title itself is very fitting - not just literally for Walter, but for life as a whole. Whether you are struggling or prospering, it's all about finding a balance in you life - between work & play, joy & sadness, day & night. You can't have the yin without the yang - one makes you appreciate the other! DIdn't mean to be so philosophical, but that's just how it cam out!
Thanks for you comments on our post about Duncan - I am so touched that even with so many worries of your own, you took a moment to comfort us.

Thanks, Heather & Walter!
Michelle & Brutus

The Devil Dog said...

You go Walter, you're doing great. Yes, the journey is the learning experience, not the destination. In karate, our teaching often asks us what is the most important part of what we are doing. The answer is the block (or strike) we are doing at that exact moment. Don't rush to finish, do every move as if it is the most important move of your life. I think that's why we're also told to "stop and smell the roses." Stop and hug Walter, Heather. He's doing great!

Roxy's mom

Pugs in Space said...

Just DO the DOING without EXPECTATION but KNOWING all is well.

Rachel said...

what a great poem and a great reminder. that is exactly why I have a degree in poetry. the act of poetry itself reminds us to...slow down. just the reading of it makes us take a breath, reflect, pause...and when we're done it seems we always see the world a little differently.