I am Walter and this is my World.

I am Walter and this is my World.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Thank you for your kind words yesterday. I used them to float on to get today - and today was EXCELLENT! Walter had his first physical therapy water-tank treatment today AND HE WAS A STAR! Special thanks to mom who once again handled all the paperwork. without you....nope, not even picturing it.

Walter freaking swam!!!

Not only did the vet say Walter's dragging foot had a good chance of healing with time and patience, (and therapies and so on...) this treatment is specifically good for rebuilding those damaged nerves. Here is Walter looking unsure about going into the water tank:

Then he goes into the tank with a GREEN PAMPER on. Indignities!

He was not at all sure about the tank at first. The water fills to just under his chin so 80% of his bodyweight is supported. But can you imagine going in a big scary black tank and water fills to your chin?

but then he really started to get going! This is just after he swam (hard to get pics during because I am helping at the front of the tank.) but he swims for 2 minutes and then gets a 5 minute "spa" or whirlpoool bath and the vet tech massages his ears! oh yes she does!

when we got home, he was so tired, and conked out on Polie bear right away. I could not believe how strong he was or how far he swam. THIS BOY HAS A SHATTERED PELVIS, FRACTURED LEGS AND A BRUISED HEART! But he swam! He was exhausted and shaking a little afterwards, but mama scooped him up and rushed him home and now he's sleepinks the sleeps of champions!
I don't want to forget to give Thanks to the driver, Sarah, who has really been supportive and who's going through her own healing process.

Everyone else - Please continue to send us all your good thoughts everybody. It is friends, family and the love of complete strangers getting him through this. Your good will/thoughts/prayers are what we're using to get him healing. Once he's strong enough we plan WALTER TAKES AMERICA!!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

This is great! We are so jealous of the ear rubs looks realxing! Go Walter!

Boo Bear said...

YEAH Walter, AND Momma Heather!!! You got recharged, just what you and in return Walter needed! Sometimes we all need that energy boost from our beloved friends in our life! Like someone said on an earlier post, when you feel weak, WE will all help you through it!! That is what life is ALL about! Moms favorite saying regarding ME, and other pugs in our lives is... "It Takes A Village" !!! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!! We are SO happy! Our hearts are SMILING!! Love you! XOXO
P.S. Friends come check out my new blog on here. There is a picture of a "Miracle Pug" on there, see if you can find it:)tee!!

Anonymous said...

That is just awesome! I am glad you are feeling better today, I wasn't able to comment yesterday but I am glad you got lots of words of love and hope!

You and Walter are so lucky to have Larkin, he sounds just incredible and that totally helps remove some of the stress right now.
It is amazing how easily these little guys read us and our moods. I know it is so easy to with the negative vibes, but you need to look on the brightside.. Walter lived and is doing so well! So are you! I cannot even imagine going through what you are and being able to hold on the way you do. Kudos!

On another note ,my mom's dog does water therapy for her hip (she had surgery on it) and it just does wonders for her so I hope it does the same for Walter!

hugs and snuggles!

Liz said...

Walter truly is a champion. These little guys are so amazing. They don't worry about what happens next and just do what needs doing right now. Something we humans have trouble with! It's great to see Walter doing better each day. And you are getting better, too. BTW, I think a Heather & Walter's Big Adventure book is a great idea!

Joe Stains said...

Look out Michael Phelps!! Go Walter!!

Punchbugpug said...

What a great day! Walter must be wondering what the heck is going on!

Salinger The Pug said...

Walter...we LOVE your green diaper!!!

We are SO proud of you and your mom and you both have really taught us a lot about being STRONG!

Keep up the hard work and keep making your mommy smile and we will be waiting to greet you with a big banner on your "Walter Takes America" tour!


Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Walter is truly a champion!
He has a heart of gold, and he continues to get better. Just look at him! Such an adorable little doll!

sarah said...

I just smile when I see pictures of him.. He looks so determined..! Thanks Heather for sharing Walters recovery.. He is a healer too!

BRUTUS said...

Yippee!! What a great thing to hear. That water not only took the weight off Walter's healing skeleton, I think it also lifted a weight off your heart! So goo dto see him progressing & hear that the floppy foot is to be expected & will likely correct itself over time!

Walter just needs one of those frilly flowery bathing caps the ladies wore in the 60s... Can't be any more of a blow to his self-esteem than the green pampers!

Brutus the Frenchie

Becky said...

Hooray for Walter! You are a great mom and he will back to his old self before you know it. Pugs are determined little dogs and tough!

Smilingpug (aka Winston Wilbur) said...

Walter, glad to see and read that the PT is going well. What a good boy you were today. On another note.......OH MY DOG! tonight we started the pick your own ending book called Pretty Little Mistakes. Mum was pug-happy about starting the books. She described it as being pug-happy as a day at the beach with chuck it. So here is how it works. Mum reads the first chapter then when we get to the decision of option A or B she pulls out two different snacks. One is a liver snack and it represents option A. The other is a beef snack and it represents option B. Whichever one I choose first is the option mum chooses for the next step in the book. It is very exciting.

So far we have chosen to travel to England where we then decided not to go to the funeral in India, but went to Greece instead. Now we have to decide if we stay and work in Greece or take the ticket home to the US. We will keep you up posted on our progress. We have posted two pics on our blog of us reading tonight. (pics aren't that great but it shows us reading!)

luv Winston

agent99 said...

Looks like Walter is saying "Hey, I am a PUG, not a fish" in that first pic, but he does seem to really dig the ear massage. And who wouldn't? We are so glad to hear the good news-keep it coming. If you missed Mom's email, we have found a pugthotic!! Just in case. But we are sure it won't be needed if Walter continues at this pace.
Snortles, Gen & Fuji

Madame X said...
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Madame X said...

WELL DONE WALTER! Genghis and Nero Pugs have been watching your progress and sending bestest pug wishes from the UK and we think you are just brilliant! Hope you are back to your old self very soon and that your Mom and you gain strength from every inch of the miraculous recovery that you are making..You are a STAR! xx

The Great Rock Eater said...

GO WALTER!!!!! We are so happy the hear you made it through the slump and aced physical therapy. I'll bet that ear massage made it all worth it. Jsut remember that we are always here and no matter what it may feel like you are never truly alone!!!!

Hope you both have a GREAT weekend!!!

Pug Love & Kisses
Jess & Lilo

Pearl said...

You're my hero, Walter!

(and so is your momma!)

I can't wait to see the changes that this PT will bring on over time. I am so proud of you!!!

The Devil Dog said...

Heather, I am catching up on the reading. Funny you should talk about generosity and happiness. We had a talk in class about the 5 attitudes to have. One was "I Can" another was "I will be a generous person" another was "I will look for the good in every situation". All of those apply to you. You were generous to Jodi, it came back to you with Walter. You believe Walter will heal, he will. And most successful people are optimistic. You are correct, stop the before and after comparing and find the positive in what Walter is doing NOW. Larkin sounds like a truly wonderful friend. May he always have as wonderful a friend as he is.
I get to buy your book today (payday with a little extra)! I am sooo looking forward to it.
If you write a book on Walter takes America, please come to NH. We would love to meet you. We have plenty of room for you, as well!

Roxy's mom, Marie

Melissa and Emmitt said...

yay walter!
swim, swim, swim!
you are our hero!
m & e

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing. Yay for Walter!!

Not only can we celebrate these triumphs with Walter but we are also getting to learn about the therapy.

We're sending happy thoughts to you both. May each day bring you a new blessing.


Rosie said...

I was so happy to see the post heading - swimming is so good for you too - glad to hear it went Excellent. I was just wondering is the water warm? (I hope so)!!

dw said...

I love the look on Walter's face in the laundry basket! "You want me to go where?" "Are you serious?" "You're joking, right?" "There better be treats after."

Go Walter!!

S said...

Walter looks fantastic in there and this PT thing sounds pretty good--I'd say two minutes of treadmill is definitely worth it for the 5 minutes of massage! If you could get some video of him in there that would be so cool!

BTW, after finishing JJISOBS I started Pretty Little Mistakes. Beulah likes it too--she tried to eat it once! If you want to change the name of your tour to "Walter Takes North America", you're welcome to come for a visit in Ottawa!

Sabrina and Beulah

lai-mai said...

Walter is a brave pug! My thoughts are with you guys and I'm sure with that puggish-determinedness, he will make a full recovery soon!

Heather and Walter said...

Awwwww, you guys have been so great, we needed to show you your support was working, and it is.

I promise to embrace optimism and when I fall, you guys give me a swift kick!

Thank you to everyone reading my books. I am (sheepishly) thrilled and grateful. I hope you like them and I'm sorry if there's too much sex or swearing in any of them...I write to vent...so...well, you know. sometimes letting it all out gets gritty


Heather and Walter said...

oh! and yes the water is warm. it's actually like a hot tub for dogs...but the water isn't hot-hot, more like a warm bath. when the jets come on walter looks blissful, like "oh yeah..uh-huh....yesssssss"

Boo Bear said...

Okay, had to post AGAIN!!

Walter is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! He really knows how to tug on the heart strings with that darn ADORABLE, innocent Pug Mug!!

I LOVE all the bloggers on here!! What wonderful, funny, encouraging, loving, and inspiring posts! WOW, what an awesome group of PEOPLE!

Heather, you are SOOO funny! I had bought PLM's back when we did the Pug Rescue Event at Barnes and Noble and like ALL my books, put it on a shelf until recently! Love that you just commmented about the sex and swearing in it! There was a little "shock" factor in there and i loved it!! Just purchased your new one.. Can HARDLY wait til the future one about an amazing Pug, and the world that circles around HIM, tee hee!!! Walter WILL make you a BEST SELLER yet!! Pugs have a way of repaying us, and i bet your Walter book will have your bank accounts back in the black, tee hee!!

Kisses, Prayers, and Love to you BOTH always!! XOXO

P.S. Please say a prayer for our Pug friend Izzy, he is in serious pain from a recent surgery..

JYB said...

OMG! I haven't been keeping up with my blog feeds for the last month so I had no idea he had been hit by a car! I'm so glad he's recovering.

Nancy Medina said...

Walter, you are such a brave boy. We are so glad you have such a loving mom and lots of good friends. You are in our prayers little one.
love and hugs,
Howie, Java and Annie