I am Walter and this is my World.

I am Walter and this is my World.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foot Dragging and thread for Pohlee-Bear

Sorry about the break there everybody, I was dragging myself up the mountain work-wise, trying to get this ship to keep from sinking. I am back in the saddle, that is, quite literally sleeping in Scamperland with Walter. I've curled up in there with him a few times, only to wake an hour later, both of us snoring.

Walter walks a little, but is unable to feel his right foot. The therapist hopes this can be corrected over time, but I wish we could see more improvement now. I think of all the beds he's jumped on, all the rough-housing in the dog ark, I just can't see him crippled. Yet it seems he is. But they say it could improve...so I will just take one day, one step - at a time.

I took him outside to pee and he actually lifted his leg, just a little bit, 1/4 inch maybe off the ground, but I heard a bone pop and panicked. but in the end his movement was the same, I guess it was just a regular bone pop, like when you do something you haven't done in awhile. So he's okay.

He has shredded and re-shredded poh-lee bear, as you can see in the picture, the brown stuff is the other stuffed animal I sewed inside him for form. Walter keeps splitting the stitches and I'm wondering if we sewed him up with something stronger, even fishing line, would that hold better? I keep teasing Walter saying, "Stop ruining Pohlee Bear! We don't have money for thread!"

Thursday is THANKFUL THURSDAY and I am so thankful for all of you, and to those of you who have sent checks, care packages, well wishes, I hope we can one day repay you with the kindness you've shown us. We are humbled and grateful.

Tomorrow is the water tank!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

I think finshing line may work maybe yarn may work too to keep him together! We have nigt-time-froggy that goes through the same thing. I like the idea of stuffing another stuff animal inside we may use that trick!

Any luck with getting a donate button on the blog yet?

Anonymous said...

I bet you it is one of those things that will heal with alot of therapy and determination! walter lifting the leg to pee is a huge thing!

We have had the multiple stitches in the same place a few times.. is the area around it all worn through? You may need to fold some of poor pohlee bear in so you have fresh unworn fabric to sew. Fishing line would work or there is a heavy thread you can buy as well. But when it comes to pug determination.. it maybe time to find a new pohlee bear :(

Pearl said...

Hi Heather! Thanks so much for the update! I know you must be slammed right now with work, bills, etc.

Please know that Walter will not be crippled! Even if his foot does not fully heal, he is so resilient! He will learn to function perfectly. There are several dogs in our pug rescue who are missing a whole leg, and you wouldn't believe how well they get around! It's seriously amazing!

Keep your head up! I still think of you guys constantly!

The Great Rock Eater said...

Nice to have you back!! Glad to hear Walter is still progressing even if its not as quickly as you would like. Look at how far he has already come. Please know that the wishes, prayers, cards and probably the packages are goign to continue to come. We all want to do what ever we can to make things as easy as we can from as far away as we are. Know that we are only a mouse click away whenever you need us!!!!
Good luck in the tank tomorrow!!

Pug Love & Kisses
Jess & Lilo

Bubba T said...

What happened to the donate button?

dw said...

Walter has been eating, he's chewing up his stuffie, what's a little foot dragging when you've got that!

Go Walter!

BRUTUS said...

Don't let the dragging foot drag you down! Nerves heal the slowest of all tissue, 1/4 inch a month at most! Think of how far away that foot is from where Walter's injuries are - if he can lift it just a little - that's fantastic!! Patience, my friends, good things come to those who wait!

P.S. My momma is a doctor - she knows what she's talking about here! Keep smiling - it'll all be OK!!!

Loren said...

I look at Walter's face and I just melt, I feel like he is a little puggy buddha. I have a really, really good feeling about Walter's recovery and while you may not realize it because you are so close to him, he is making remarkable progressm, amazing progress. It's only been weeks. My Mom's dog Ivan was in a terrible accident similar to Walter's. It took months and months of where we saw slow and steady progress, then there would be periods of little to no progress, then BAM, major progress again. This was the cycle for about a year. There is an ebb and flow to the healing process so please don't lose hope. He's doing great, and you are too. You are so strong, you an amazing mother! I think a donation button would be super. I would be happy to add a link for your donation button on my blog to drum up more $$.

Sweet dreams to you and the brave, brave boy!

agent99 said...

Really - you can't call it until it's been months, or even a year. And if his foot isn't fully healed, there's always the pug-thotic. Hey, I used to cart my pre-pug pooch in a used Bjorn baby carrier. He's come so far! And for Pohlee-Bear, have you tried dental floss? It's so tough.
Slurpy kisses for Walter!
Gen & Fuji

Rosie said...

Hi Walter - I am glad you are healing quickly - don't worry about that leg as long as there is no pain you will be just fine. BTW, my mom started your mom's book about Jennifer Johnson and she Loves it!