I am Walter and this is my World.

I am Walter and this is my World.

Friday, July 31, 2009


To everybody who bought a book or is going to buy a book, thank you! This is the photo the Associated Press took of Walter and I for my latest book, "Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single" (by fabulous reporter Jeff Baenen, google him - his stories are awesome!)

Anyway, this photo has been around the world - Walter is so much a part of my writing career. I got him when I embarked on my author journey because I knew I would be alone alot - and I wanted a companion. Little did I know my life would start to orbit his - An easy mistake for a first-time pug owner!

Anyway, I am on deadline for the next book, (nice way to say behind) and the sales of JJISOBS and my first book, Pretty Little Mistakes, well honestly they are really helping. I am working on the straight donate button. it's tricky with the IRS and everything, and I don't have much time to figure new things out - its all I can do to keep the pee pads clean, so THANK YOU again for everyone who's supporting us. It really breaks my heart every minute of the day - in a good way.


heather (and WALTER!)

(Look at Walter in the Chinese newspaper!)


Walter went poop on his own TWICE yesterday. Squatted like a regular dog! I didn't think that was possible, and because he hasn't gone in so long they were Great Dane size! Still, anything he can do now that is similar to "before" is a miracle. I spoke to my neighbor who had jumped in the car with me the night of the accident and she confessed the vet had pulled her over that night and told her Walter was NOT going to make it. She hadn't wanted to tell me before...the vet told me it didn't look good but still let me have some hope, which was all I needed. Which is all any of us need.

Whatever you are going through, I hope you'll use the story of Walter as proof that amazing things can happen anywhere.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi heather!
oh you and walter are a very special family! we are so glad we have met you.

melissa & emmitt

Stubby said...

Hi Heather! I love that picture of Walter. He looks so handsome and proud to be posing with you. He really is an international superstar.

Mom and Dad did not realize what they were getting into when they got me but they too soon realized that their lives orbit around mine. I am the center of their universe and I love it. I think they do too.

I understand that it is all you can do to probably shower with all you have to do keeping Walter fed, medicated, and comfy. I hadn't thought about the IRS and the donate button. Couldn't we just send you a check and it could be a gift? I don't want to break any laws and go to puggie jail.

I know you will figure out the best way to handle it and in the meantime give Walter a big hug for me. Tell him that we are busy planning his party and that Emmitt is in charge of the food!

Stubby xoxo

Smilingpug (aka Winston Wilbur) said...

We have been so touched by Walter and his recovery that we are trying to help out with the books sales. Please visit our blog to check this out.

Rosie said...

He is so darn cute!!!!!

Emily said...

Yea Walter!! Who knew that a position filled with so much shame and indignity could mean so much!!!

Jen and Maxwell said...

Oh Walt, you in the Chinese newspaper! you are an international super pug!!! so cute. xoxo keep up the good work! and we are still sending you thoughts and prayers and lots of love!

jen and maxwell